Ventilation Ductwork

The Science In Compliance™

Ventilation and ductwork systems are found in many buildings we frequent – museums, hospitals, offices, kitchens and many other premises. These systems are usually tucked away out of sight and gather contaminants. If not cleaned and removed these contaminants can provide a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

To address these problems access must be gained to the system for cleaning of ventilation systems. Even though current ductwork specifications, DW 144, call for access doors at pre-determined locations and distances it is likely that additional doors will be required to clean the ductwork to H.V.C.A. TR19, HTM03-1 & C.I.B.S.E. TM26 standards. 

Saracen Compliance use modern rotary brush technology and air movers to clean ventilation systems, which mitigates the need for confined space working. The vacuum removal system features a three-stage filtration system, which prevents the collected dust being re-circulated into the working area. Where clinical hygiene standards are needed i.e. hospital operating theatres, the internal surfaces of the ductwork can be sterilized permitting microbiological checks to be conducted to establish the precise level of cleanliness.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, our ventilation cleaning experts can provide quotations from supplied drawings, giving accurate take off measurements, alternatively we can provide a free site survey. Our operatives are also trained to the current BESA standards, ensuring the best possible service for our customers.