Kitchen Extract Cleaning

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Kitchen extract cleaning is important to maintain the safety of those in the workplace. The majority of catering establishments feature a canopy extraction system within the kitchen to control the build-up of heat, steam and grease emissions in the cooking area.

The filters in the canopy act as a good “first line of defence” against grease entering the system but still allow the smaller particles to pass into the extract ductwork. These deposits will accumulate over time and can pose hygiene and fire risks. Whist the canopies and filters are easily accessible for regular cleaning by catering staff the ductwork is normally hidden above a ceiling and can pass through numerous walls and floors before reaching the discharge point. These hidden sections require specialist attention for cleaning to TR19 standard. This standard also indicates a recommended frequency of cleaning dependant on the number of hours per day the kitchen is operational. Once cleaned to TR19 a cleaning certificate can be produced to verify compliance with Health & Safety obligations & Insurance requirements.

Many hotels, restaurants, leisure clubs and fast food operations now include the kitchen extract system on their regular maintenance schedule. Apart from hygiene and continued business considerations there are potential legal implications to consider.

Saracen compliance have many years’ experience in kitchen extract cleaning, with our operatives trained to BESA standards.

We offer free site surveys and quotations including grease micron measurements to ensure our customers receive and informed and thorough service.