Reporting & Certification

The Science In Compliance™

Across all our services our app based software electronically records the survey, inspection, cleaning or installation process in real time. Mapping the location of all walls, doors, floors, and ventilation systems. It records the date, what materials were used and a unique reference number, providing a permanent record of surveyed, cleaned or fire-stopped locations for building audit purposes.

We can provide real-time tagged photos, Digital marked-up Drawings, Cost and Productivity information.

We are able to provide our clients with not only electronic marked up drawings and a photographic reports, but also real time access to the reports through our customer portal giving all parties peace of mind that budgets are being utilised correctly and that all care has been taken to ensure the safety and compliance of the building.

Our Reporting tool allows us to turn around reports in Excel, Word and PDF formats quickly and efficiently and allows you access to reports through our customer portal powered by Microsoft PowerBi.