Passive Fire Stopping

The Science In Compliance™

Passive fire stopping is vital to any fire strategy. Built in to the fabric of buildings, it safe guards lives and dramatically reduces the financial impact of fire for buildings and content.

Adequate passive fire stopping within buildings is a statutory requirement of ‘Approved Document B’ (2010) – Building Regulations.

The regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) states – ‘any person who has some level of control in premises (responsible person), must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire’.

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd work with customers across the facilities management and end user markets to ensure their compliance through survey, installation and rectification of passive fire systems.

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd carry out installation and remediation with our team of NVQ qualified, BM TRADA Q-Mark accredited passive fire specialists, and passive fire surveys carried out by our qualified passive fire surveyors. Our works ensure the safety of people and property through the compliance of buildings.