Fire Damper Testing

The Science In Compliance™

BS9999:2017 Annex W. 1 gives clear guidance that all fire dampers should be tested at regular intervals not exceeding 2 years and that spring operated fire dampers should be tested every 12 months and at greater frequencies if in a dust-laden environment. It is commonly accepted good practice to programme annual fire damper testing irrespective of the type of dampers within the building every 12 months as part of the buildings PPM. 

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd ensure the compliance and effectiveness of both mechanical and Automated fire and smoke dampers to BS9999 standards with our national team of experienced Fire Damper testers all of whom undergo CPD certified competency training. 

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd provide full photographic reports and certification of the testing with our digital reporting software.

In addition to carrying out BS9999 testing to Fire Dampers, Saracen Compliance Services Ltd also replace and remediate damaged dampers for our customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.