The Science In Compliance™

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd was founded in 2019 by Jim Miller FSDip and Jak Ryan. As experienced project managers within the HVAC industry and given their reputation within the FM market & Public sector as proactive and efficient service providers, Jim & Jak sought to expand their offering from the specific portfolio of services within the HVAC industry to provide a one stop solution for building compliance services to their clients.

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd are uniquely positioned to provide support throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having established regional offices in London, Liverpool and Birmingham.  

Through Jim & Jak’s wealth of experience within the HVAC arena, coupled with Jak’s front line experience within the fire service, they identified the cross over between the compliance services they were currently able to offer and the critical requirement to address fire safety within buildings and, on the back of training through IFE recognised IFSM courses, Saracen Compliance Services Ltd was born.

Saracen Compliance Services Ltd have enjoyed a wealth of success due to their understanding of the industry in which they have been established to support and their unrivalled professionalism. All aspects of Saracen Compliance Services have been established around a focus on supporting the client be that our investment in cutting edge, customer accessible reporting software, our portfolio of services or our focus on building a team of industry experts, ensuring whatever services we are tasked with providing, we can send the right people with the right knowledge to ensure the works are beyond reproach.

Since the formation of the business, the directors and staff have been guided by a single overarching principle;

‘What we do is important. What we do saves lives. True we may not run into burning buildings to save lives however, carrying out our works to the highest of standards reduces the risk of anybody else having to do so.’

We believe that so long as we approach everything we do with this in mind, Saracen Compliance Services Ltd will continue to grow with a reputation unrivalled amongst our competitors.